Band Saw Pivot Block


A band saw is a great tool for resawing thick lumber into thinner stock. But because most band saw blades have a tendency to “wander,” controlling a cut can be difficult.

One solution is to use a simple support block, see photo. The nice thing about this block is that it allows you to pivot the workpiece as you push it through the saw to “follow” the direction the blade is wandering.

The guide is nothing more than a block of wood that has been beveled on one end to create a “V” point, see Fig. 1. On the other end, the top of the block is cut away to make it easier to clamp it to the table of the band saw.

To use the block, simply clamp it to the table so it’s just slightly in front of the blade, see Fig. 2.

The distance between the block and the blade should equal the desired thickness of the stock you are cutting. Now just guide the workpiece through the saw, pivoting it against the block as needed.

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