Push Block

I’ve seen a lot of push blocks or push sticks that are thin and narrow. This allows you to maneuver the push stick between the blade and the rip fence when ripping thin pieces.

But I find that trying to guide a workpiece through a saw with one of these push sticks is a little like trying to push a brick with a straw. This is one case where wider is better.

That’s why I like this push block design. It’s nothing more than an 8″-long block with a shallow notch cut on the bottom, see Fig. 1. The notch fits over the back edge of the workpiece that’s being cut.

The wide profile of the block gives you plenty of control. And instead of fitting between the fence and the blade, this push block is designed to ride right over the blade, see Fig. 2.

After a while, the bottom of the push block will get “chewed up.” When this happens, just throw it out and make a new one.