10 easy steps to adjust the fence to be parallel to the miter slot.

  1. First get a piece of ¾”x 4”x17” or longer hardwood. It should fit in to your miter slot without slop. If it does not fix without slop get a different piece of wood or use a shim on the side away from the fence.
  2. Now loosen the screws that hold the fence.
  3. Unlock the fence if needed.
  4. Side the fence against the board in the miter slot.
  5. Take some clamps and clamp the fence to the board in the miter slot.
  6. Lock the fence.
  7. Tighten the screws that hold the fence.
  8. Remove the clamps
  9. Unlock the fence
  10. Remove the wood from the miter slot.

Now if your blade is aligned to the miter slot as it should be, you fence is not parallel to the blade and it should only taken you a couple of minutes to do this.

This works for me.

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